Below are some frequently asked questions by our customers

- If a security models that have not been damaged in transport ???

Yes, each composed in our online model shop order is protected by a protective outer packaging.

Each package is insured - so if in the presence of the courier is found damaged in shipment błyskawiczym time will take care of complaints.

- Can you bring the model which have the status of a lack ???

Yes, we can order the client model or models which do not have on hand - if our suppliers have them issue the passing of such goods to our warehouse is usually 1-2 days, it looks a little worse in a situation where our supplier and there is no particular model because then either we wait for the regular supply from the manufacturer or God forbid to resume production - which can be difficult to determine.

- Is it possible to receive personal order placed on models ??

It is possible to be picked up the order - but after first payment of a friend of our shop modeller company in Babice near Oswiecim.

- Is to place orders in the online model shop Modeledo need to register ??

No, registration is not required to place your order. However, to register and create an account in our model shop affects discounts and special offers they receive registered users.

- What is the cost of shipping several models for gluing ???

All models purchased from us send via courier DHL, the cost of sending a few models a deposit account in Poland is PLN 14.99.

- I want to buy model but it can not be thrown into the cart - why ??

If there is such a situation, it means that the model or any other product that you plan to buy from us is not available in the warehouse to cart to Move can only models and products that we are physically in our warehouse.

- When you send the order ???

Everything depends on the form of payment that the customer chooses.

A. If the prepayment account when the funds will post on our account, and is the place to 13.30 every working day - then still on the same day we send the package.

B. If the customer chooses to download (this applies only to shipments conducted on the territory of Poland), then the packet is sent after telephone order confirmation by the service online model shop Modeledo.pl

- Does each model offered in the model shop contains glue and paint ???

No, 99% offer models for bonding glue and paints must be purchased additionally, indeed in our offer so-called sets of modeling which usually have adhesive Model and set a few basic stains to paint the model - these products are clearly identified in the category of sets of model-making.