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Wooden ships - Swedish galleon Wasa - BB 490, numer katalogowy: BB490

Wooden ship models

Wooden ships - Swedish galleon Wasa - BB 490

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Manufacturer: Billing Boats
Model: BB490
Status: in stock
Shipment: 3,65 EUR (prepayment), 4,35 EUR (download)
product Description

Model Swedish galleon Wasa

Billing Boats - nr. BB490 - scale 1:75


Swedish galleon Wasa.
Wooden model of sailing ship for gluing and painting.
Adhesive for wood and paint should be purchased in addition.
Model Billing Boats BB490 was made in 1/75 scale.
The Wasa model includes:
- laser cut parts,
- slats of various wood species,
- metal components,
- plastic elements,
- ropes for making rigging,
- canvas for sails,
- flags,
- plans and assembly drawings.
Dimensions of the Wasa galleon model:
length approx. 980 mm,
width approx. 190 mm,
Height approx. 790 mm.
Paints suggested by the manufacturer to paint the model Billing Boats BB490 Wasa:
No. 1 White,
No. 5 Tan,
No. 11 Black,
No. 14 Matt White,
No. 16 Gold,
No. 17 Clear Poly,
No. 18 Dark Blue,
No. 36 Stain.
Package dimensions for Billing Boats BB490:
92 x 35 x 8 cm.
For model we recommend to buy a modeling yard, eg Hobby Zone PSM1 - is in our shop.
Some facts:
Wasa is a Swedish galleon from 1628. This galleon was one of 4 units built for the Swedish Navy fleet, but did not participate in the war as it sank in the port of Stockholm while still trying on its trial cruise. Cause of the catastrophe of the sailing ship Wasa was bad balance and insufficient stability of the hull.
Wasa is known today for extracting his wreck. The well-preserved hull of the unit can be seen in the Stockholm Mezeum Vasa
Montaż:Model do sklejania
Typ:Model drewniany
Skala:Skala 1:75
Mariusz napisał:
Ocena: 10/10 ocenaocenaocenaocenaocena
To już mój trzeci drewniany model z tej firmy. Wspaniale się prezentuje po sklejeniu, ma prawie metr długości. Nie ma osoby, która nie zachwyciłaby się nim w moim domu. Czas poszukać kolejnego wyzwania ;)

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